Custom Tied Flies

Webflyz – Designed and custom tied by Cory Koenig of
by Todd Haynes

I just spent the afternoon with Cory Koenig of Cory is the owner/operator of British Columbia’s Premier custom tied salmon, steelhead, trout, and saltwater species flies.

Cory has been tying flies for a better part of 28 years and professionally tying for the past few years here in Smithers, BC, Canada. Webflyz is relatively a new business venture for Cory and he is recieving great recognition amongst many top BC, Canada fishing lodges and guide operators. Cory has just hooked up with Henry Waszchuck from the television sport fishing show Fishing the Flats with Henry Waszchuck. Henry is putting Cory’s saltwater flies to the test over the next few weeks. You can see Cory’s profile on Fishing the Flats website. Cory is busy now tying flys for the Silver Hilton Lodge guides, Pierce Clegg of Babine nor Lakes Lodge, Jimmy Allen of Bear Claw Lodge, Bell II Lodge, Bob Hull of Steelhead Excusions and Nautical West Sport Fishing here in Kitimat, BC, Canada.

I am extremely impressed with Cory’s well crafted fly varieties. Cory’s flies are very durable and tied with top quality products in plenty of colours.

Nautical West Sport Fishing is now offering our guests some of Cory’s Webflyz best patterns for steelhead, salmon and trout. I will be working with Cory over the next few weeks on developing a variety of custom saltwater flies for our saltwater fly fishing adventures this season.
Nautical West if offering custom made Webflyz box sets for steelhead , salmon, and trout.

I asked Cory what fly is his favorite fly for steelhead and he imediately responded with his Bunny Boo pattern.
These custom flies are definetly well designed and are a sure winner with trophy steelhead here northern BC, Canada.

Be sure to check out Cory’s Webflyz at

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  2. Hi,

    Please allow me your time to introduce our organization to you.

    We are tiers and exporters of high quality fishing flies. We are based in a small town in Kenya called Kikuyu township, where fly tying is becoming a very regular income generating
    occupation to the few high profile fly tiers who are inhabitants of Kikuyu area.

    We make our flies with high quality imported materials, and our hooks are generally Japanese finest quality. We invest a lot of time to make a good fly, and we will strive to give you the best flies for your business.

    Our tiers are trained to perfect matches of fly samples supplied by those who wish to have custom flies made for them.

    Lead time will depend on the volume of a given order, but generally all orders will be delivered within the agreed delivery time. We try to deliver within three weeks from receipt of orders.

    Herewith is our price guide for various fly patterns per dozen and in US dollars:

    Dry Flies $3.50/dz; Special Dries $3.90/dz; Nymphs $2.80/dz; BH.Nymphs $3.00/dz.
    Stoneflies $3.50/dz; BH.Stones $4.00/dz; Streamers $4.00/dz; Muddlers $4.50/dz.
    Bass Bugs $10.00/dz; Salmon $10.00/dz; Full Dressed Salmon $12.00/dz. Saltwater $10.00.
    All foam flies @$8.00/dz.

    Payment methods and terms of payment to be agreed upon.

    We shall supply a small quantity of free fly samples if required.

    Please contact the undersigned for further trading information.

    Kind Regards,

    George Heho,
    Allwaters Flies Co.

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