Winter Steelhead 2012


Our great friend and top Steelhead Spey master Darren Wright holds a fine winter Chromer.

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Screaming Reels!


Return of the Kings

We are looking forward to another incredible season of Big Bright Chinook’s returning to the north coast of British Columbia!

Only a few months to go and it’s screaming reels and high fives! Already we are gearing up and preparing for the upcoming 2012 season. Over the next few months we will be featuring our Guiding and Charter services at some of North Americas best sport shows!

See you all there!

The Nautical West Team!

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Kitimat BC – Halibut Heaven


Choosing the Right Bait

With such a variety of baits to fish, and all the manufacturers providing us with effective products, it becomes quite a mind game sometimes. The main thing to remember is to just keep it simple. As guides, we love to be creative and test out new products and then we try and improve the way that product will fish. I know for me, I am always testing the waters and re-rigging my set-ups to improve catch numbers. Once I find the most effective method and technique for a particular piece of water, keeping in mind the time of year, weather conditions, depths, currents and structure. Wow! And whatever other variable we can throw into the mix, we can nail down just the right gear for the day.
Well it doesn’t need to be all that complicated and the best advice is to find a good bait and set-up and just fish it well.
One of the most productive baits and set-ups you could use is the good ‘old
herring and spreader bar rig. The only thing a person has to do is vary the leader and weight for the currents. I have had so many in-experience fishers over the years and this is by far the best set-up to use. Our catch records have been excellent, bigger Halibut just can’t refuse a big old herring.

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Skeena Chinook Fishing

2011 Chinook Salmon Fishing Season has begun! We have been busy on the mainstream Skeena watershed hooking some nice size Chinooks. Guests are enjoying multiple fish days and loads of action. Today we have hooked into 14 fish averaging 15 to 30 pounds.

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New Domain Purchased

Okay, I know it has been a while since I have had time to update this blog. Very busy season this year and so many new items on the go!

We have just purchased a new domain name as a new business venture that will be set up for 2011. As my fishing season came to an end this year I have been busy producing some new web developments. The list of new jobs are increasing so it is time to build on this new venture. Over the course of the next few month’s we will be putting all the pieces of this new venture together and will launch at the start of the new year 2011.

This is an extremely exciting new venture (adventure!) for us and will be a great asset to our newly created business model.


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Custom Tied Flies

Webflyz – Designed and custom tied by Cory Koenig of
by Todd Haynes

I just spent the afternoon with Cory Koenig of Cory is the owner/operator of British Columbia’s Premier custom tied salmon, steelhead, trout, and saltwater species flies.

Cory has been tying flies for a better part of 28 years and professionally tying for the past few years here in Smithers, BC, Canada. Webflyz is relatively a new business venture for Cory and he is recieving great recognition amongst many top BC, Canada fishing lodges and guide operators. Cory has just hooked up with Henry Waszchuck from the television sport fishing show Fishing the Flats with Henry Waszchuck. Henry is putting Cory’s saltwater flies to the test over the next few weeks. You can see Cory’s profile on Fishing the Flats website. Cory is busy now tying flys for the Silver Hilton Lodge guides, Pierce Clegg of Babine nor Lakes Lodge, Jimmy Allen of Bear Claw Lodge, Bell II Lodge, Bob Hull of Steelhead Excusions and Nautical West Sport Fishing here in Kitimat, BC, Canada.

I am extremely impressed with Cory’s well crafted fly varieties. Cory’s flies are very durable and tied with top quality products in plenty of colours.

Nautical West Sport Fishing is now offering our guests some of Cory’s Webflyz best patterns for steelhead, salmon and trout. I will be working with Cory over the next few weeks on developing a variety of custom saltwater flies for our saltwater fly fishing adventures this season.
Nautical West if offering custom made Webflyz box sets for steelhead , salmon, and trout.

I asked Cory what fly is his favorite fly for steelhead and he imediately responded with his Bunny Boo pattern.
These custom flies are definetly well designed and are a sure winner with trophy steelhead here northern BC, Canada.

Be sure to check out Cory’s Webflyz at

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Spring Steelhead Getaway

The Fishing Just Gets Better!
Treat yourself this spring to a spring steelhead fishing expedition. Take advantage of our affordable “All Inclusive Fishing & Lodging” packages.
$420.00. CDN. per person / per day
Great Accomodations | Deliscious Meals | Incredible Fishing

Reservations: 1 877 632 4547
or 778 818 0047

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Kitimat River Lodge

Nautical West Sport Fishing is pleased to announce our operations are now out of Kitimat finest fishing lodge – ” Kitimat Lodge”. Offering fantastic All Inclusive Fishing & Lodging to our guests. Lodge is located on the cliffs near the Kitimat river, providing great access to some of northern BC’s best steelhead, salmon, trout & halibut fishing.

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Merry Christmas to all our guests

We wish you all a very Merry Fishing Christmas!
Tis the season for all those new fishing products we so long to get our hands on.
Be sure to enjoy your holidays and may all of you have a wonderful New Years!

We will see you all soon on the water.

God Bless,

Nautical West Sport Fishing

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Women and Fishing

The Bites On Fishing Report
September 27, 2009

Coho Salmon continue to be a good catch on the Kitimat River. The Dolly Vardens have now moved into the system and are sure to be feasting on eggs. The mid to upper river regions are holding most of the Coho now.
Weather is holding at fair and is allowing anglers to enjoy a great year of salmon fishing.

Get into the action!

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